Hey guys!! Just keeping you updated on my life. I just recently finished the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and absolutely loved it! Incase you are hesitant whether or not you would want to read this gothic novel, read below 🙂

After reading the gothic novel Frankenstein for the second time through, I can confidently affirm that Frankenstein is hands down the most thought-provoking and intriguing horror fiction novel I have ever read. The way Mary Shelley is able to captivate all of the grotesque qualities of a true unborn monster and create the Creature is something truly spectacular. What amazes me, even more, is Shelley’s ability to draw a direct parallel between Victor Frankenstein and the Creature, as they both feel like outcasts in a society filled with impending social pressures. For this reason, it is not surprising that in modern pop culture Frankenstein is often mistaken for the creature. Prior to reading this novel, I too thought that Frankenstein was the eight-foot-tall monster wishing to seek revenge on society. However, I more recently discovered Victor Frankenstein is indeed the protagonist and main narrator responsible for the creation of this creature. 

The way Mary Shelley is able to portray the flawlessness of nature, progressively throughout the novel, allowed for the development of a very cohesive story centered around the natural beauty in the world. As an individual born from an adventurous and outdoorsy family, I have always been inclined to turn to nature as a sign of relief, succumbing myself to the natural world and relieving the pressure from ongoing aspects of society. Similar to me, Shelley uses nature as a form of escape for both Victor Frankenstein and the Creature. After the deaths of his intimate family and friends, Justine and William, Victor turns to the mountains in hopes of rejuvenation. After spending quite some time alone in the mountains Victor states that he feels elevated from his feeling of belittlement as he comes to find peace in nature. Most similarly, when the monster feels isolated and rejected by society he uses the power of nature to disengage from society and release his anger. Shelley uses the power of nature to formulate the Creatures parallel with humanity, as when he feels rejected by all of society the harsh weather conditions reject him as well. However his desire to be heard as a marginalized entity shines through as he searches for a companion, leading to him finding enjoyment in nature, basking in the wonders of the sun’s rays. Ultimately Mary Shelley’s strength as a writer allows her to captivate the romantic aspects of the sublime beauty of nature transcending the typical horror fiction stereotype.  

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